A key part of our work is getting to understand the local food economy in detail.

We’re going at this in two ways:

ONE- a broad, open survey of anyone who has ten minutes to fill in an online form to tell us about their relationship to local food in Plymouth – you can find the form here. We’ll be putting all email addresses into the hat for a £30 Tamar Grow Local voucher!

TWO – a series of in-depth conversations with a wide variety of people involved in local food in and around Plymouth – all the way from growers, agricultural workers, landlords and contractors, through pickers, processors, distributors, to retailers, cafes and restaurants, right through to shoppers, cooks and eaters. We’re also keen to talk to businesses that aren’t directly in the food business, but who work with food businesses in all sorts of ways – accountants, vets, suppliers, machinery firms, transport and other service businesses.

Choose a link below to access the survey which best suits you:

I’m a food producer (e.g. arable, meat, dairy farmers, growers of all kinds)

I’m a food processor (e.g. bakers, jam-makers and everything in between)

I’m a food distributor / delivery service provider (e.g. online food hubs)

I’m a food retailer (e.g. market stall holder, farm shop, convenience store, specialist food retailer, wholesaler)

I’m a caterer (e.g. cafe, restaurant, pop-up food stall, takeaway, caterer to private and public sectors)

I’m a non-food business which supplies the food sector (e.g. accountants, agriculutural machine suppliers, packaging suppliers and more)

If you’re interested in the local food economy but not sure if the surveys above apply to you, we’d still love to hear from you! You can drop us a quick note below, and we’ll be in touch.