Sustenance on tour: from Stoke to Stonehouse and more

We’re bringing the Sustenance project to the people of Plymouth with a series of Covid-19 safe, small scale, drop-in events across the city, starting today at the Village Hub in Stoke.

Tess Wilmot and Carmen Wong will be running and supporting a host of different activities, showcasing the best of Plymouth’s local food initiatives and inviting members of the public to share their final thoughts on how they source their food.

Look out for the mobile cargo-bike seed bank at Freedom Fields Park next Wednesday, visit the Village Hub in Stoke to share your food stories today or next Thursday, or drop in to the Talk Shop in North Stonehouse to meet the team on Monday.

There’s chance to participate in a seed and plant swap at The Plot on Union Street on Saturday and join the fabulous JarSquad team for their JarWash online extravaganza on Sunday, as well as the Sustenance virtual showcase on Monday.

Find the full schedule with dates and times for all the activities below – we hope to see you somewhere along the way!

Main image: Extract from OS 1″ map dated 1936 showing Plymouth, England, via Wikimedia Commons

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