Dil’s Weeknotes w/e Dec 14 ’20

We planned to produce short updates on what we’ve been doing on the project over the last week, and put them up. This is my first. I’m not quite sure about the format yet – it needs to be quick to write, but not just a boring list…

Anyway, the point is to have made a start – I really like the whole ‘working out loud‘ idea – – especially as I’ve basically been stuck in the back bedroom/office for 9 months now!

So here goes…

  • Struggled with wordpress to get the website live – I understand just enough to have little ambitions, and to get myself in trouble, which I then spend hours struggling with. But I learn and the site is live!
  • Designed a postcard for use as a flyer. Printing is amazing these days – I got an email from the online printer firm within 2 hours of uploading the designs to say it was printed and ready for shipping…
  • Talked to members of the Mutual Credit Services collaboration about the contributions we’re wanting from them to this project.

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